Top O' Hill Acres Goats

Grandsire is naturally polled, these kids were horned but now have the genetics.

Price includes registration and transfer.  If interested please call or text 515-357-0779, 11am to 1:30pm Central time; or email anytime.





We one doeling for sale right now. Please email if interested.

Registered does are $350, bucks $200. If you're looking for a Nubian kid that has some great dairy and show potential, look no further!

Our registered Nubian goats provide us with milk, cheese, entertainment, and a few kids every year.

We raise Nubians because of the higher butterfat content of their milk. We do not keep a buck, but take our does to the best registered Nubian buck we can find, so that we can continually improve our kids.

Goats usually produce twins at kidding, but our Audrey was one of a quadruplet birth.

We bottle-feed our goats from birth, using the dam's milk, which is pasteurized to prevent transmission of Johne's disease and Caprine Arthritis. If you want to purchase a kid goat, we will sell them at two weeks of age.. you can continue bottle-feeding milk replacer until they are weaned. We disbud all our goats, as it is too dangerous to risk their horns getting tangled in the fences!

If you are interested in buying a buck kid, please contact us before our next scheduled kidding! If we have no buyer ready, we will castrate any buck kids when they are 5 days old. Buck kids will sell for $200 each, again including registration.

Wethers (castrated males) will be sold either as pets or for meat. If you are interested in buying a goat for meat, contact us.. we will then be able to provide you with the size/age goat you desire. As with our locker lamb, we will deliver the animal to the meat locker for processing to your specifications.

Our goats also provide company for our ram when he's not 'working'.
SML Acres Hersey Nugget dob 4/28/01 #N1195470

Sire: Nubilop-Acres Easy Shot
SS: CH Cream-of-Kansas Smooth Shot
SD: CH Nubilop-Acres K’s Little Lady

Dam: Nubilop-Acres Golden Nugget
DS: Nubilop Acres Smooth Sensation
DD: Nubilop-Acres Golden Blessing

Nugget stood 3rd Place out of 19 yearling milkers at the Iowa State Fair. At the 2003 Kansas State Fair, Nugget stood 2nd in Class, and was Best Udder in Class and Breed.
Our flock is Certified in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program, as of 2008.

Our memberships include:

Our girl Hansa, checking out what is going on on the other side of her gate.
This is the grand-dam of our goats. Not only did she contribute to the bottle-raising of 6 lambs one spring, her milk has been the basis for some delicious cheeses.. and for goat's milk soaps, too!
Kids, born 3/24/09; enjoying the warmth of their nest-box.
Kids will have been disbudded and given first CDT shot and booster. If you're interested, please contact us.