Sterling Silver Eartags, for Shepherds

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you proud of your farm?

Do you feel a real connection to your sheep?

Here's a way to show your position as Leader
of the Flock...

your own eartag!
Scrapie Flock Eartag shown with breed and flock number.

One earring or pin, $29.

Blank Eartag, ready for engraving by your local jeweler. Also available with 'SCFP' and 'US' logo.

One earring or pin, $25.

Plain Eartag shown with farm name and flock number.

One earring or pin, $29.

Earrings have sterling silver earposts and include earring back. Please note: earrings are sold per piece, not per pair.

Pins have a tie-tack with a flat nickel clutch so that you can also wear them on your cap, hat, or as a lapel pin.

Tie-tack backs with chain also available at no extra charge.

You already have the custom printed shirts with your farm name.. the truck decal..the caps.. but now you can wear your farm name in some real style! We will custom make sterling silver 'eartag' earrings or pins, with your choice of lettering and/or numbers. Your farm name, producer number, SCFP number.. it's up to you!

Or you can purchase our 'blank' SCFP or plain eartags, as pins or earrings,
and have them engraved to suit yourself.

Actual size @ .75" high by .8" wide. These are a scaled down version of Premier 2X tags.. made with permission. (Thanks, Stan!).

Orders take @ 3-4 weeks to delivery. Shipping is $3 for standard mail, or $6.00 for Priority Mail. Blank styles may be returned in as-shipped condition, but custom made tags are not returnable. To order, e-mail us!