Goat's Milk Soaps

Some of our goat milk goes to our friend Karla Moore, at Heart of Iowa Soapworks. She uses it to make these wonderful soaps.. and we wanted to be able to share them with you too! Soaps are 4 oz. bars; prices are the same for all pictured here. One bar, $5.50, or 6 or more bars for $5.30 each; you can mix and match.

To order, just send us an e-mail or fax/phone us at 515-232-5772. If you call, please do so between 9 and 4pm weekdays, thanks! We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Amex; or you can prepay with a check. Shipping is $6 for 1-3 bars, $9 for 4-6, $13 for 7+; we ship via Priority Mail except to IA where you'll get it as fast First Class.

All of Karla's products are just fantastic.. visit her website and take a look! We've used them for years.and we can't recommend them enough. (and we'd say this even if she hadn't been a friend for forty or so years.)