The spring lambs have arrived and are ready to go!

Above, pair of registered Katahdin ewes, $325 each.

Have a look at the remaining lambs we have available; ready for pickup any time. 

Registered Katahdin ram lambs $355- 3 available.

Registered ewe lambs $325-2 available

Part-commercial ewe lamb- $300, 2 available

and 2 Dorper/Katahdin crosses for $300 each.

All lambs are twin births.

Please note; Iowa now requires health certificates for sales in-state or out of state.  We now have to charge an additional $35 per sale.  If you buy one or 16, the charge will be $35


And our ewes are sooo relieved. At left, 3 days before lambing. Above, with her 2 rams and ewe.
At right, part-commercial Katahdin ewe lamb, will register as 93.75%.  She may be upgraded to full registration with a coat inspection once she sheds as an adult.  $300
Above, registered Katahdin ram-lamb (front) and ewe lamb.

To reserve a lamb, please Contact us! The remaining lambs will go fast. All are available at weaning, 7/9/20. Prices include registration.

Left:  Crossbred ewe, front, and ram; back.  75% Katahdin, 25% Dorper; $300 each.

Below, Registered Katahdin Ram lamb

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