Top O' Hill Acres Locker Lamb & Goats for Meat

We offer live animal sales only, delivered to our local locker plant. Our crossbred lambs will weigh 80-115 pounds when they are ready for slaughter; if you have a specific weight in mind we may be able to accomodate you. A lamb with a live weight of 100 pounds will have a 'hanging weight', after slaughter, of about 50 pounds. Depending on how you want the meat processed, a 50-pound carcass will dress out to 30-40 pounds of quality roasts, chops, ground meat, and stew meat.

Our price is based on market, per pound, live weight. This includes delivery to Midwest Pack, in Nevada, IA. You may have the meat cut however you wish, and pick it up at the locker; either fresh, frozen, or vac-packed. Larry at Midwest Pack (515-382-2435) will be happy to answer any questions you have as to how you would like the lamb processed. The butchering and cutting charge per lamb is $60.00, payable to Midwestern Pack when the meat is picked up. Carcasses that dress out over 60 pounds are charged an additional $ .38 per pound over 60.

As we have to schedule when we will bring our lambs to the locker many weeks in advance, we will post here on the site the dates that lambs will be butchered. You may reserve your lamb now with a $50 deposit.. supplies are limited! If you would like to stop at the farm and choose the animal you'd like to have, you may do that BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Lambs must be reserved BEFORE slaughter. They will be delivered to the butcher and you will be able to pick up your cut & wrapped meat a few days after slaughter.

If you have questions, please see our FAQ page first, then e-mail us or call us at 515-232-5772.

Goats for Meat

If you are interested in purchasing a goat kid for slaughter, please e-mail us. As we only keep two does, we will not have many kids available. We will post on the site if we will have wether goats available. Live weight of goats for slaughter will be 65-80 pounds, but if you reserve in advance you may also purchase milk-fed kids for barbeque at the weight you choose-- the butchering price for smaller kids is also less. As with lambs, our price includes delivery to Midwest Pack in Nevada. Prices will be posted when we list kids for sale. The butchering/cutting charge for goats is $60, payable to Midwest Pack, when you pick up the meat.

We participate in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program, as of 2003.

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