Item #239 Size: 36 x 27" Price: $80
Item #244 Size: 32 x 23" Price: $75
Lambs not only provide delicious meat, but also beautiful sheepskins.

Our sheepskins are far too lovely to waste! Each is a unique work of nature's art and the tanner's craft. Our local tannery takes our salted hides from the locker lambs, and turns them into gorgeous, washable sheepskins, suitable for many uses. All of our sheepskins are undyed; they are the natural color of the sheep. Some skins have long fleece, which blends near the edges into the areas with less wool fiber and more short hair.

Sheepskins are priced by size and 'fanciness' of color. There may be occasional holes from the tanning or skinning process, but most of these are small (1" or less) and can be worked around for sewing projects. If there is a particular skin you are interested in, e-mail us and we will give you the exact details on that skin, holes if any, and their size and location on the skin.

We also have the occasional smaller-sized skin, from a lamb that was butchered at a younger age or died before their time. These sheepskins are smaller, but even softer than the full-sized skins.

Whether you have a vest in mind, or sheepskin slippers, or just want a lovely natural sheepskin to use as a throw over your favorite chair; our one-of-a-kind sheepskins will really be a conversation starter. They also make fantastic seat covers, equally at home on your Harley, in your pickup, or in your Lexus.

To wash your sheepskin, use a mild detergent and cool water. They may be machine-washed in the delicate cycle or hand washed.. we recommend hand washing for best results. After rinsing, line-dry them then shake them thoroughly to fluff them back up or give them a light combing with a wide-toothed comb.

To order a sheepskin, you can either send a check or use your Mastercard, Visa, or American Express card. Please e-mail or call (515-232-5772) before you send a check, as the one you want might have sold before we have a chance to update the site! Shipping costs are $9.50 for one skin, $14 for 2 or more. Iowa residents please add sales tax.

Koko the cat personally inspects all of our sheepskins to insure that they are of the highest quality and softness. She takes her work very seriously and spends many hours nap-testing them.
We are currently sold out of sheepskins, sorry!
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