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Katahdin sheep are 'hair sheep': they naturally shed their fleece in the spring and don't require shearing. The purpose of the breed is to efficiently and economically produce meat. We chose Katahdins for a number of reasons:
Some of our ewes, shedding their winter coats. They grow a heavy fleece for winter; their summer coat resembles that of deer.. smooth, short hair.
To improve the growth rate and muscling of our market lambs, we bred some ewes to our registered Dorper ram. We are also raising some percentage Dorper ewes now. Dorper sheep are also 'hair sheep'.. this is Jupiter, our ram, with his winter coat.

The Dorper is a South African breed with heavy muscling. The breed is derived from Black-headed Persian and Dorset sheep.

We use an accelerated lambing program. Rather than one lamb crop per year, we take advantage of the breed's ability to reproduce year-round, so that we expect to have 5 lambings in a 3-year period. We try to post on the site as soon as we have lambs available for sale. If you are interested in a ram lamb, please let us know as we will castrate most of the ram lambs for market, only keeping the 2-3 best for sale as breeders.

Our ewes were bred for the first time at 7-9 months of age. Mature Katahdin ewes generally produce twins, occasionally triplets or quadruplets.

"Jean Harlow", with her twin lambs. These are Dorper/Katahdin crosses.
"Trigger" was our over-achieving first-time mom, producing triplet ram lambs: birth weights were 6, 7.5, and 8 pounds.

SPRING LAMBS FOR SALE! See pics here. LAMBS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT WEANING in 2017. We wil have Katahdins, Dorpers, and some Dorper-Katahdin crosses.

When we say Katahdins can be any color.. we didn't expect "Bozo"! He's all colors at once.
A selection of our crossbred lambs, left, with a couple of ewes.

We will have lambs available as locker lamb.

Call 515-357-0779 or e-mail to reserve your lambs!

If you'd like to reserve a lamb, please e-mail. We already have several reservations.

We will have pictures of lambs on the site as soon as possible, with prices and available lambs for sale. If you're interested in buying, you may reserve early for best selection.


This is our Katahdin sire, as a yearling. He has terrific maternal EPD's, and has been a great producer of quality lambs for breeding.
We participate in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program, as of 2003.

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